​​​​​2008 égoiste, Reserve, cabernet sauvignon

Rich notes of Damson plum, Bing cherry, and chocolate ‘runneth’ over in abundance; on your nose, palate, and in the glass. Revel in this wine’s structure, balance, and ability to present many flavor hues over the course of an evening’s repast or as a toast to friends. If a textured, bold beauty from Sonoma County is your preference, look no further.


​​​​​​2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 

limited release and library Reservepinot noir

these are the gift that keeps on giving, it is a dream like memory that you’ll want to repeat. Long warm hang time brings a cacophony of fruit highlighted by bright Rainier cherries while Fraises des Bois taunt you to pair this with country pâtés, Boudin blanc, grilled fish, roasted game, succulent pork, lamb, beef and fowl. One must appreciate her graceful movement and elegant evolution of time spent in the bottle. Elegant and balanced from nose to long finish, this is a seamless wine to linger over gently while soft tannins enhance any pairing with a seductive embrace.





​​​​2013 ALLURE​, Reserve, Chardonnay

Charming on the nose, flavors of layered intensity in the glass, and finishing with undeniable satisfaction.  Crisp apples and Bosc pear, accented with a touch of Mandarin orange invites all to the table.  This wine evolves in the glass and solicits a broad spectrum of edibles.  Don’t be shy when pairing this adroit vintage with your favorite foods.  As with most Clouds Rest selections, these wines pair beautifully with both the expected and unexpected 


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2013 Forbidden​, SAUVIGNON Blanc

A mélange of harvest ripe citrus perfumed with honeysuckle is the perfect entrance for this luxurious Sauvignon Blanc that hails from theCand a bright clean acidity form its foundation. Notes of citrus blossoms, Meyer lemon, Mandarin orange and Bearss lime command one to linger on the nose. Subtle hints of honeydew, white nectarine, Galia melon or Fuji apple create a symphony of flavors and complete the long lasting finish of this balanced classic.


​​​​2012 femme fatalePinot Noir

Luscious, velvety red raspberries, ripe Bing cherries, and pomegranate command your attention with first sip of this exceptionalLy elegant Pinot Noir. Flirtatious hints of baking spice accent beautifully. Fashioned from 100% estate grown fruit, aged two years in French oak, bottled for aging. This vintage is a seamless balance of aromatic dark ripe berries, low PH-naturally high acidity, volcanic minerality & soft French oak tannins.